Another one on the way

Well a lot has happened since the  last time I’ve been on. I found out I am 6 weeks prego with with my second child. The difference between this one and my last is I’m married.  I’m doing it the way my dad thought I should have done it the first time.  I hope he is happy up in heaven and proud I did it correctly. .

Well with me being pregnant I now get to enjoy the life of food upsetting my stomach,  take naps during the day, cry when I want,  and give my hubby the attitude . lol
What was it like for you in the beginning of your pregnancy ? Did u get sick  alot? How many months were u when u couldn’t fit into ur clothes anymore? 

I’m thinking of now doing my blogs about pregnancy,.. I hope I get followers! !!



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  1. Congratulations!!! So exciting. I have an 8 month old and I want a second child already but my husband says “not so fast” lol .. I speak about my pregnancy on my blog. I had a journal I used to write in which reminds me of my pregnancy, which was quite tough but definitely a blessing. Best wishes to you on your second baby. God bless your family. Hugs from one Momma to another. ~Josie Dee Roe~

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